Greenway medical marijuana doctors clinic.

Greenway provides efficient, low cost medical evaluations to Californians who qualify for medicinal marijuana accessibility.
We are now offering 100% online appointments.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation Doctors in San Francisco

Greenway is a medical marijuana clinic in full compliance with the California Proposition 215 (the Compassionate Use Act of 1996), and California Senate Bill 420 (the Medical Marijuana Program Act). To see a doctor, you must bring in your government issued photo ID, such as a California driver's license or a California ID card, and your list of prescriptions and medical records if you have them. The doctor will interview you to discuss your medical issues, to determine your treatment plan, and to verify that using medicinal marijuana will help you.

Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco

You can ask the Greenway medical marijuana doctor questions and discuss your problems with complete confidence. In all cases the doctor and staff are 100% discreet. Your privacy is guaranteed by law, per HIPPA guidelines for all medical clinics. When approved by one of our medical cannabis doctors, Greenway issues a letter recommending that medical marijuana be used for your medical problem. We give you two copies, plus a small laminated card. This medical marijuana card is good for one year.

Carry this recommendation with you to obtain your cannabis medicine and whenever you carry medicine. You can also use this letter to apply to the county you live in for a state of California medical marijuana ID card.