Welcome to Greenway,
helping Californians who qualify for medicinal cannabis accessibility.

Medical Marijuana San Francisco

We are San Francisco's preferred medical marijuana evaluation clinic for patients and caregivers.

In compliance with the guidelines of California Proposition 215 (the Compassionate Use Act of 1996), and California Senate Bill 420 (the Medical Marijuana Program Act), Greenway provides medical marijuana evaluations by California board certified physicians in a friendly, open environment.

If you are interested in a cannabis card, consult Greenway. Our medical marijuana doctors can guide you through the process, and answer all your questions. We have a cannabis attorney on our team to answer legal questions. Greenway provides the best customer service in the Bay Area, in full HIPPA compliance for complete privacy and with respect for medical marijuana patients.

Call Greenway Medical today for information on obtaining your marijuana card.


Medical Marijuana San Francisco


Greenway offers San Francisco medical marijuana doctors and Cannabis card evaluations.We provide efficient, low cost medical marijuana card evaluations.


About Greenway Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Greenway provides efficient, low cost medical evaluations to Californians who qualify for medicinal marijuana accessibility...

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Medical Cannabis Information

What medical conditions does California recognize for medical marijuana card...

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